Cup Planning

Whenever you are planning to create a new cup/cup series there are several things that need to be considered.


Right at the beginning you need to think about the format of the tournament. In general you can choose between premiership (groupstage+playoffs), swiss system and of course "normal" cups. For normal cups you can select a single or double elimination bracket. Every tournament system has its pros and cons. Therefore you need to decide which one will fit further to the players. Beside the general format you also need to think about the game format. The community feedback is a key factor.


With the knowledge about the format you can start with elaborating the schedule. Determining factors are i.e. the availability of the admin staff, the availability of your target group, the size of the target group as well as the schedule of other tournaments (from other platforms). With this information you should be able to choose a proper start date and the length of the tournament (one-day vs more-day).

Cup Cloning

To create a new league on ESL Play, you have to clone an existing and non-archived league. Please make sure that your cup name/url matches the Naming & Conventions requirements.

Step 1

Go to your navnode and hover over the Admin Icon and click on "Clone league" or go to the navnode of a tournament in your section in order to have it pre-selected

Step 2

A new window opens up where you have 4 things to do:

  • Source League: Choose the league you want to clone from. In our example we want to clone a Go4 Cup. That is why we select the last Go4SC2 Cup we hosted (Go4SC2 #493).
  • Target Navnode: Shows all navnodes below the one you are in, however please only choose open, major or the cup series navnode like Go4. In this case we want to clone a Go4 Cup, we choose the Go4 Navnode.
  • Admin Squad Choose the correct Admin Squad. Here it is StarCraft (Global)
  • Enter in your new Cup URL e.g. cup-494 or 1on1-community-cup-americas In this example we write cup-494 since the last cup was #493
  • Click on Clone League

Step 3

After the cup has been cloned, the league manager will open for the new cup you just made. So you can edit and change the name and dates.

The URL looks fine. Now we need to change the Name of the Cup to Go4SC2 Europe Cup #494 and fix the Begindate.

Click on Save when you changed the Name and Dates.

Please keep in mind that by cloning a cup all settings will be cloned as well.

Starting a cup

Creating the bracket/matches

A cloned cup has always no bracket. The bracket can be created as soon as you can estimate the final amount of players/teams. In order to do so click the button "Build Structure" in the admin menu.

The next step is to choose the size and format of the bracket. For single elimination the 3rd place format should always be chosen. In order to apply the structure you need to tick the "Delete Structure and Matches" box and press the "next button.

Creating the matches is being done via the "Setup matches" button. The "League" button will show you the bracket which is without matches at this stage.

As every match needs to have a date you enter the start date of the tournament as well as the round time. If you have set your language to English you need to use this format for the start time: DD/MM/YY HH:MM. However if you have your page in German you need to use the following format: DD.MM.YY HH:MM. Furthermore you have to choose open instead of challenge because otherwise the user can't enter the result, etc.

In a next step you receive an overview of all round times which can be checked or adjusted if required. Additional to that you can also set up the map or the BoX format for every round.
By clicking the next button the matches will created.

Created matches will show up with the "vs" icon in the bracket. Please consider that the creation of many matches will take some time.

Seeding & Placing

The Seeding & Placing will be done via the "admin constants" menu. Please consider not to place as long as not every match has been created. Incomplete matches do not have the "vs" icon.

In general there are three main possibilities to seed: manual, random or according to a ranking. A manual seeding means that you enter all seeding number by hand (first field). This should only be used in tournaments like monthly finals. The random seeding is the most common way to seed and should be always done except told differently. In order to seed randomly you need to press the "Randomize Seedings" button. For Go4 tournaments the seeding results from the ranking based on previous results (more information). In case you made a mistake while seeding you can set every seeding to blank via the "Clear all Seedings" button.
Once the seeding has been done you just have to click on "Place Contestants" in order to place the contestants in the bracket.

Here you can also find an overview of all contestants. In order to delete a team you need to tick the "del" box and press the respective send button. Changing the status from confirmed to unconfirmed or the other way round follows the same procedure.
If you would like to add a contestant (i.e. after the cup start), you need to enter the teamid in the blank field. For the confirmed contestants it need to be enter in the second field as the first field contains the seeding number.

Default win script

As soon as all contestants have been placed you can press the "Give Default Wins" button. In case you do that while the placing hasn't finished the default win script will skip some matches.

Settings (League command)

  • Archive League: Here you can move the cups & tournaments to the archive. This needs be done earliest 3 days after the last match has been played. Depending on the section tournaments should be archive on a weekly/biweekly/monthly basis. Please keep in mind that as long as a tournament is not archived, it will cause a leagueban as soon as a player leaves a participating team. Such a leagueban will prevent the user from joining another team which played in the same tournament. Therefore all leaguebans caused by finished tournaments can be removed!
  • Game Integration: This function allows you to edit the game integration settings if your game uses it.
  • Parameters: Here you change the map pool as well as the BoX for the tournament matches
  • Recalculate Cup: This function recalculates the cup if there are any bigger problems.
  • Restrictions: Here you can set up several sign-up restrictions.
  • League Manager: The leaguemanager allows you edit nearly everything regarding the tournament. However you should not change the URL unless you can't avoid it.

Advancing the correct player/team

It may happen that you have advanced the wrong team. In order to change that set the match to open again. Afterwards open the admin match again, change the result and close plus calc the match accordingly.

Penalty points

The following instances are punishable according to the penalty points catalogue:
  • Cheating
  • Insults
  • Unwanted Content & Harassment Cases
  • Ringing & Faking
  • Unsportsmanlike Behaviour
  • Missing Replay
  • Deception