In this guide you'll find information on a few admin functions which are only available on teamsheets. The basics on penality points etc. can be found in the playersheet guide.

  • Delete
  • With this link you can delete a team. You are not allowed to do this unless tasked.
  • Team Permission
  • You can change permissions of player within the team.
  • Admin View
  • You can see all users of the team, how long they are in the team and their gameaccounts.
  • Logo
  • Only used by Staff Heads upward.
  • ONLY Tiny-Logo
  • Only used by Staff Heads upward.
  • Trustedstatus
  • This overview shows you the trusted status of the team.

Team Permissions

With this menu you can edit permissions of a user within the team and also kick him from the team. Usually a user is not kicked from a team nor his permissions will be touched. You should only use this menu if a team has no leaders or if tasked.

  • Name
  • Here you can see all teammember's names.
  • Permissions
  • With this dropdown you can change permissions of a user.
  • Position
  • With this dropdown you can change the position of the user on the teamsheet.
  • Member since
  • This date shows you how long the user is in the team.
  • Kick
  • With this button, you can kick a user from a team.