Page Building Setup

Enable Panelizer for Nodes

The basic request flow to display a content page is as follows:
  • User requests a path
  • The path belongs to a node, the node should be displayed (Path module)
  • Because of CTools Page Manager Panelizer is authorized to overwrite node display, Panelizer handles the node display
  • The Panel configured in Panelizer for that node is returned instead

When you are unable to overwrite node display using Panelizer a typical error is that CTools Page Manager does not allow overwrites for node display. Go to admin/structure/pages and enable node view by clicking on "Enable" on the right:

Panelizer itself is not by default enabled for every content type. On the contrary, it has to be enabled for every content type that it should be able to overwrite first. Since content types have different view modes (e.g. a "News" content type might have a "Teaser" and "Full" view mode showing different amount of text) Panelizer settings are configured on a view mode base. In the Panelizer Settings Backend under admin/config/content/panelizer enable Panelizer for every node type you want to overwrite. For page building it is important to enable "Full page overwrite" to replace the normal node rendering with the Panels page:

Using the "Allowed Content" link on the right a content type can be restricted to only use certain panes or layouts. As a default everything is enabled, more in the Panels Layouts Guide.