News Creation

Creating News

Go to the admin menu and choose add news.


Section Navnode

The news will be displayed in this navnode and all subsections, i.e. leagues and tournaments. In addition to that a link with the navnode will be displayed above the title of the news. You can choose any existing ESL navnode as long as you have permissions for the respective section.


Out of use, not supported on the ESL Play website.

2nd Navnode

Out of use, not supported on the ESL Play website.

Copy to XX/Category/Main Tag

Out of use, not supported on the ESL Play website.

Allow Comments

Use this option to allow or not to allow comments. Before you deactivate the comment function, please contact your Global Staff Head.


We have 3 priority level but only 2 are in use:
  • Low: The news won't pop up in the news area of your section. You need the link in order to view it.
  • Medium: The news is shown on the main page of your section. All news are using this category.
  • High: is out of use.

Teaser IMG

Here you can add the image which you want to add at the top right of your news post. The images must be in .jpg or .png, and 150px x 90px.


Before you set a news online, it can only be read by admins. Nevertheless, if you want to make the news post available for external partners (e.g. league partners) you need to enter a password. The password has to be added to the link with the help of ?password=xxx. Anybody who has access to this link can then read the news article.



The headline of your news post will be entered here. The title does not have to include the name of the game as it is anyway included in the navnode above the title (exceptions may be made, eg on New Games).

Teaser text

Can be left empty!


The shortbody is meant to give an idea of the news content in order to make the users curious and make them read the article. Do not write more than between two and four lines, the shortbody is not supposed to be longer than one or two lines compared with the teaser image. The shortbody will be shown in the news overviews.

Note: The shortbody must not contain HTML tags, images, line breaks, paragraphs or any other kind of formatting..


The body contains the news content and you are free to use images or other things. Beside the normal HTML tags you can also use the special "ESL codes" for example linking a team can be done with :team:ID: Please make sure the text is easy to read and without spelling mistakes. Using spell checker is always a good idea. A news post full of spelling mistakes is unprofessional and does not match the ESL quality level.


If you want, you can add additional links that will be shown below the news body. If you need to add more than two links, just edit the news and you will be able to enter them. There will always be two empty URL boxes at the bottom of the news edit page.

Note: The links are sorted alphabetically.


A click on the send button will store the news and redirect you to the preview. The news will not yet be online but all admins will be able to read it. If you want, you can show it to your fellow admins or edit it. Edit News and Delete are self-explanatory.

Set news online

Use the red link below the news to set it online. Once this is done, all users can read it in the navnode you selected.