You will probably daily be confronted with editing, checking or deleting matches. In the following paragraph you find all necessary information how to do that.


Here you can find all important information about the match, including all links to make changes in the match settings on this page.

  • WAC Log
  • You can see the Anticheat hardware-ID of all contestants here.
  • Set Match checked / Match checked by “Admin”
  • By clicking this link, the match will be marked as checked. If anyone has already checked the match, the text will change to "Match checked by AdminNameHere". The reason for checking matches is to have clearness over all the matches played in the ESL. Checking matches properly will be explained later in this lesson!
  • Show Debug
  • Theoretically you can completely debug the match by clicking this link, but this function is not relevant for our admin work usually and will not be used by us if not tasked.
  • Lineup
  • By clicking this menu, you can enter, edit or delete a lineup. Please keep in mind that users will not receive EXP if they are not in the lineup. In addition, they will not receive EXP if added afterwards. This feature is just for special cups/matches.
  • Delete Match
  • You can delete match with this function. Nevertheless we prefer deleting the match via the 'admin match' (Active: "No" and set status as "Exception").
  • Add match report
  • You can write a match report using this function. Match reports are usually only used in pro matches to give important information to the contestants.
  • Logfile
  • You will find there all changes done by the user. It is documented who has changed something (IP of the user will be documented too) as well as when and what something has been changed. Please don't forget, users should not know that we track IPs!
  • Chatlog
  • You can see everything that has been written in the website-integrated match chat here. You can also see the the time when something has been written. This comes in handy especially for handling insults and seeing possible agreements between the contestants.
  • Mail
  • Here you can send a mail to both contestants.
  • Mapvote Admin
  • Here you can see the mapvote-process of a match.
  • Contestants
  • Here you can see both playing parties. The number above the team logo shows the rank of the team in the league when the challenge has been set.
  • Parameters
  • In the parameters you can see all important match data like MatchID, match date, calculation date. Furthermore you can see here the map that has been stated.
  • Result
  • In the result column, you will find the result of the game and how many points a team received for the match. In addition you can see whether the win is a default win or a regular win.
  • Media
  • You can see all the uploaded matchmedia, the date when it was added and who added it here. In addition you can also add matchmedia even though it is not done very often.
  • Lineup
  • If a team entered a lineup, you can see it here. You can also modify this lineup, see 'Lineup' above.

  • Show Pre Match Chat Logfile
  • Same as Chatlog. In this files, you can see everything that has been written in the website-integrated match chat. You can also see the the time when something has been written.
  • Comments (X)
  • Here you see all comments written by the user.
  • Admin (X)
  • Here are all the admin comments. Please do not forget to track all the things you change on a match.
  • Write a match statement
  • With this function you can write a match statement. This function is mostly used in the pro leagues.
  • Upload match media (screenshots, demos, anti cheat)
  • As mentioned before you can also upload matchmedia.
  • Dropdown + rename / delete
  • With this dropdown, you can modify or delete uploaded matchmedia.
  • give penalty points
  • With this link you can directly give penalty points to a user/team or both users/teams.
  • Protest vs. XXX
  • With this link you can open a protest. Usually this link is used to request matchmedia or if a team was not able to open a protest.

Admin Match

With the admin match menu you can do all necessary changes/settings at the match. For example you can change the match date or give a default win.

  • Contestant 1 / 2
  • Both users/teams are filled in here with their team ID
  • Active There are 2 possible settings: yes or no.
    • Yes: By Yes the match will be active, when you change it to No the match will be deleted.
  • Autoclose / confirm
  • Options: "Yes" and "No". "Yes" means, that the match will be closed automatically after 24h if one party has entered a result before. "No" means that the match status stays until one of the opponent or an admin changes something.
  • Status
  • Options: "challenge", "open", "protest", "closed" and "exception"
    • challenge means that the match isn't accepted. In the logfile you can see whether one player has already made a suggestion for a date or a map.
    • open means, that both opponent have accepted the date and maps. A match can be set open either by the players (if both accept date and map) or by an admin.
    • protest means that one of the player has opened a protest ticket. The match status stays protest as long as an admin has dealt with the protest ticket.
    • closed means, that the match is closed and both team entered and accepted the result. Either the player have accepted the result or the admin.
    • exception means, that one of the opponent didn´t show up tot he match. The System set for this automatic penalty points. Is this a match from a cup, you have to change the result manual and enter their a default win.
  • Default Win to
  • Here you can set which team gets the default win.
  • Debug Match
  • You don't need this function.
  • Calculate? Calcdate
  • Options: „Yes“ and „No“. „Yes“ means that the match will be rated after closing the match. „No“ means that the match will not be rated by the system.
  • Autogenerated Match
  • Options: "Yes" and "No". "Yes" means that the match has been created automatically as being part of a league/cup. "No" says that one player/team challenged another one.
  • Instantchallenger
  • Displays you whether the match has been created via Instantchallenger or not.
  • Match is on hold?
  • You don't need this function.
  • Extra / Coverage (optional)
  • This settings is only used in the EPS , etc. Thats why you don't change here anything.

  • Begin
  • This displays the match date. The ticks show you which player already accepted the challenge. Only one tick means that the match status is still in challenge. Ticks on both sides means that the match status is open/closed.
  • Exception
  • Here you can add if a team/player didn't show up.
  • Map
  • Here you can changed the map that will be played.
  • Round1team1, Round1team2
  • Shows the scores on each map. team1 = contestant 1; team2 = contestant 2; round1 map of contestant 1; round2 map of contestant 2. If the status is "challenge", "open" and "exception" the fields are normally empty (no ticks). If someone entered a score while the match status is "open" his opponent has confirmed the result yet. At the status "closed" both results have to be entered and all ticks have to be set. Regarding a "protest“ it is possible that someone has entered a result but it depends on the protest. You can read that in the ticket. In case of "exception“ the fields stay empty.
  • Admin Comment
  • Here you (as an admin) have to document all of your changes, settings, etc in order to make it as easy as possible for other admins to comprehend what happened here. If you havn´t written there something then the systenm write automatically "Admin nick - no comment -"
  • Send
  • Accept the changes!

Give a Default Win

You have change a few things to give a default win to a opponent..
  • Active: yes
  • Autoclose/confirm: yes
  • Status: closed
  • DefaultWin to: select Player/Team
  • Calculate?: yes
  • Exception: No Exception
  • Round1Team1 or Round1Team2: Here you have to enter one point for every round for the team that receives the default win.
If you forget to add a result and then result will be displayed as a draw in the matchsheet. In this case you have to open the match first and then repeat the steps.

Matches check

Every played match needs to checked by an admin. Each section is checking different matchmedia, therefore please talk to your Staff Head in order to find out which specific data and content has be checked. In general we can only tell you that having a complete Wire AC Log is mandatory. So please take care about that and check the matchmedia as well.

Supervising cups

Supervising cups is part of your daily work as an admin as well and for this you have to consider some rules.
  • IRC/Discord
  • Join the IRC or Discord channel of your game when supervising a cup in order to help the user during the cup. Please take care about your nickname and add an ESL tag if necessary (for IRC).
  • Default Win
  • In contrast to a ladder we give default wins in cups in order to avoid delays in the cup.
  • Handling tickets
  • In contrast to EAS/EPS or ladders there is no reaction time of 24 hours in a cup. Therefore it is important that you make the right decision as fast as possible. Especially in huge cups delays are fatal.
  • Wrong team/player is in the next round
  • In case that you have given a default win wrongly or the players/teams have entered the result not correctly, the wrong player/team will probably advance to the next round. If this happens you have to set the match open first and then give the default win correctly. Sometimes this isn't still working correctly, in this case you have use the forward and back function of your browser until the correct player is in the next round.
  • Wire Chat Admin
  • As an admin you have the possibility to join a wire match chat in order to communicate directly with the players. Just open ESL Wire and the button „Lobbies“, then choose the button "Chat Admin". In the pop-up you can enter the "Match-Id" of your specific match.
In order to start a Cup (deactivate sign-up, seed or placing participants in the bracket) you need cup-permissions. You will receive those permissions when you finished the cup-workshop.