Leaguejoins are created as soon as a user or a team would like to join a ladder / cup, if the cup has the leaguejoin verification active. Our job is to check the user / teams and accept or reject their leaguejoin. The same as with all tasks as an admin, you are not allowed to deal with leaguejoins of your friends, etc!

  • Waiting
  • Here you can see the waiting time. Leaguejoins should be handled as fast as possible.
  • Contestant
  • If you have a 1on1 ladder / cup you can see here the name of the user as well as his gameaccount. If it is a team competition you will find here the name of the team.
  • Check
    • The system automatically checks the leaguejoins whether a player / team is allowed to participate or not. Nevertheless all leaguejoins need to be checked manually!
  • Action
    • Accept: accept user / team.
    • Reject: reject user / team. If you reject a user / team you have write a reason for that. By clicking on the reject button you will be forwarded to a little menu with a text field and some default reject reasons. Here you write down the reject reason. Please take care that you only write the reason. Things like „Hello User“ or „Best regards“ are not part of it!