Working on insults is daily business. So here you learn how to correctly classify, handle and punish users for insults.

General Information

What is punished?

There is no change from the old system (Graduate 1-3) to the new one in which insults and provocations are punished. It's still in your responsibility and will be processed as written below. Extreme cases and racism is still handled by the squads 430 and 4722.

How do we classify insults?

The particular punishments will be classified in two categories:
  • Provocations
  • Provocations have the graduate 1: eg. „Low“, „Noob“, „NN“, […].
  • Insults
  • Insults have the graduate 2, this was the former graduate 2 and 3 from the insults guidelines.

How do insults stack?

If a user has been prosecuted for an offense already and is caught again while having any active punishment (warning, penalty points or barrage), the user gets the next higher punishment.

How do prior misbehavior from the different locations (Page, ingame/match) influence the punishment?

All prior misbehaviors only count for their respective areas (Page, Match and so on.) and they aren't cross-effective.

Scope of warnings

A given warning (no matter in which area) is valid for every section and all parts of the page. If a user gets a warning in the area “Page”, he is cautioned in all other areas, too. Sanctions are not affected.

How long are punishments “valid”?

All sanctions (warnings, barrages) which are written in the admin comments have an endurance of 6 months from the date of creation(warnings), respectively after expiration of the barrage (Comment/Gather Ban or normal barrages). If a user gets penalized again within 6 months after a warning, he gets the next higher punishment.

What is the deadline for punishing an insult?

Due to the technical conditions we can only delete comments / entries within 30 days after creation. Older entries are automaticly archived and can´t be deleted.

A guestbook entry is already deleted by the user, but a screenshot is uploaded.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can/will do. Deleted guestbook entries won't be punished.

What happes after valuation and punishment of the insult.

Warnings are always sent by email to the user. Insults in guestbooks have to be deleted.

How do we punish a user with a long-time barrage such as Cheating or Account sharing?

These cases will be processed similar to the current system. Long-time barrage are: 3 months or more by the squad 430 or any other barrage which is at least one year. Depending on where the user committed the misconduct to the periods of the barrage times look like this:

How are players in the Pro-Sections handled( EPS, EFL, ENC etc. )?

When a sanction hits a player in a pro section and he is currently active, you have to inform the game section with a support ticket.

Insults on the Page

Where and when can we punish?

Every cases of the following list will be rated as “Insult on the Page”:
  • Forum
  • Private Messages
  • Guestbook entries
  • eMails over the contact form
  • Friend invites commentaries (eMail)
  • allery
  • Playersheet
  • Support-Tickets
  • News

How do we punish?

The punishment has to be done like listed below in the table:

Insults connected to League Matches

Where and when do we punish?

Every cases of the following list will be rated as “Insults regarding League Matches”:
  • Match comments
  • Match chat
  • Challenge chat
  • Match ratings
  • Protests
  • In-Game, if there is a 100% proof about the insult. The game section will define the requirements for the proof.

How do we punish?

Unlike “Insults in Gathers” and “Insults on the page”, insults connected to league matches will be punished with penalty points and barrages. If necessary the user can also be punished with a comment ban. In team leagues, the team of the player receives the same punishment as the player.

Penaltypoints Catalogue

We have created a new penalty points overview for insults and provocations connected to league matches: The user will not receive any warning if they make an insult of Grade 2, even if they are not under probation.

League Ban

As soon as a player has reached the limit of 6 penalty points for insults/offenses, the game section can request a league ban for the player. For team leagues it is also possible to request a league ban for the whole team. League bans are usually made for the whole game section, but exceptions can be made. You have to request league bans by tickets to the Insults Squad. The duration of league bans are:

… by third party players

Third party players are players which are no members of a team in the particular match, at the time the match was played.

Where and what do we punish?

  • Match comments
  • In-Game, if there is a 100% proof about the insult. The game section will define the requirements for the proof.

How do we punish?

Insult-cases of third party players who aren't an active part of the match will be handled like "Insults on the Page"