Creating Content Pages


Make sure that:

Creating a node and overwriting its rendering

In the content backend at admin/content a new node of the desired content type can be created by clicking the "Add content" button. In the "URL path settings" a custom URL should be defined with which the node can be reached.

After creating a node, go back to the content backend and edit the newly created node. The node needs to be panelized so select "Panelizer":

Every view mode configured in the Panelizer settings can be overwritten, if view modes are missing in the upcoming panelizer screen, check the basic content building setup. If the whole page should be changed select "panelize" for "Full page override" and confirm the choice.

After opting in to panelize the node the Panelizer settings page for the node is shown. The backend has three important settings:

The "Renderer" decides what kind of backend should be used to change content on the node page. "Standard" is the backend editor that is visible in the screenshot. "In-Place-Editor" is a Javascript Editor that is displayed on the content page itself if the user has matching permissions. It does not replace the Standard renderer but is offered additionally. The Standard renderer is much more stable and should be used in case of problems.

In the layouts section one of the allowed layouts can be selected for the node page, if layouts are missing, check the Panelizer settings for allowed layouts on the content type. When changing the layout Panelizer will try to assign content panes from regions in the old layout to regions in the new layout. Accept it's suggestion and move the content panes later by hand.

Add/Move Content on a Page

In the Content tab content panes can be assigned to regions in the layout:

The red area is the content assignment area where the content panes are assigned to regions in the template. Grey boxes represent regions in the template, content can be added by pressing the grey gear in the top left corner and selecting "Add content". A box with a dark grey background represents a content pane in a region. To change it settings, disable it or delete it the gear in the top right of the box must be pressed. To move a content pane into another region it can be Drag&Dropped. A preview is available below the content assignment area.

When adding content a popup will appear, displaying every configured content pane type:

Content panes are organised by category. By selecting a category on the left and clicking on the wanted content pane the settings menu for the specific content pane is opened. By submitting the settings the content pane is inserted into the page. Custom content can be created by pressing the "new custom content" link on the bottom left. With enough permissions it is possible to write custom HTML content to insert into the layout.