Admin Squads

In order to assign an admin team to a game ticket system, you need to create an admin squad. To access the admin squads, simply go to the Admin Menu and click on Admin Squads. Here you can see the current adminsquads and which admins are assigned to it.

Maintaining admins

Adding admins to squad

To add admin(s) to the squad(s), do the following:
  • on the left, tick box(es) of the the needed squad(s)
  • below, tick the box(es) of the admin(s) to be added
  • click on the button "add admin"

Deleting admins from squad

To remove admins from squads, do the following:
  • find "del" before the name of the admin and click on it
Additionally, you can find a "perms" link after each admins link, which redirects you to the admins permissions.

NOTE: once an admin loses his/her permissions, he/she will be automatically be out of his/her adminsquad(s).

Maintaining squads

Adding squad

You shall only create a new squad if your GSH agrees with it, and there is no squad which is unused for a long time.
  • Click on "new squad"
  • Tick the box before your new squad in the list
  • Give it a logical and reasonable name
  • Click on "save names"

Deleting squads

Deleting a squad also needs an approval of your GSH. Sometime we keep empty squads for reuse.
  • Tick the box before the squad you want to delete
  • Click on "delete selected"

Further explanations

  • add league: sometimes leagues land in the wrong squad or they "forget" to be added to the adminsquad. You can add them to certain squad with the method above (select squad, select league, click on add league)
  • remove/exchange league: change leagues between your squads by clicking on "del" before the league an add to another squad
  • set coreflag/set national coreflag: put squads listed in the dropdown list in support tickets (and in other regions) - you don"t need to use it
  • set common game support: it sets the chosen squad as the main squad of the section/game title
  • set restricted: only admins added in the squad will be able to see tickets