Admin Menu

By clicking on the Admin (A) icon on the right hand corner, you activate your admin menu. The Admin-Menu is the control station for the Page, so to say. With this menu you can reach the important administration pages really quickly. This saves you much work and time while working on your duties.

  • Tickets: (Amount)
  • Displays the current number of open tickets in your squad and leads you to the ticket overview.
  • Leaguejoins: (Amount)
  • Displays the current number of open leaguejoins in your squad and lead you to the leaguejoin overview.
  • Admin Command
  • Link to the admin command.
  • Killcache
  • This is a very useful feature on the ESL Page. When you press this button, the page will be completely reloaded from the server. This is very helpful in particular if you are administrating cups. This feature is not your new F5 key! Please use it only if you have to immediately see a change in the bracket of a cup as it really drains performance on our servers. If you give the page link to anyone else, please remove this "killcache=true" at the end of the link.
  • Enable / Disable Ghost
  • The ghost function allows us to visit player-/teamprofiles without being shown as a visitor.
  • Search & Tools
  • This is a search function that is used to search e.g. playernames, ID´s, gameaccounts and a few more things.
  • Disable Admin Permission
  • Here you can deactivate your permissions. This is important when you use your permissions on another PC or on a public PC.