Admin comments

The admin comment (short form: AC) is used for documentation and traceability of your admin work. Wherever you have done something as an admin your actions need to be documented.

This is used for three main goals:

  • If you have to deal again with this case it is much easier to reconstruct what you have done there. If you are handling multiple tickets per day, it is very unlikely that you still know what you have done in a case three weeks ago.
  • Other admins who are involved in this case can obtain a quick overview of the situation.
  • In case of complaints or inquiries we can easily check your admin work.

Basic rules for creating admin comments

  • Completeness: The AC should contain all relevant information:
    • all related links to protests, supports, players, teams, guestbooks, forenthreads, matches and so on.
    • a summary about what happened and what the result was. Concerning more complex case it's preferable to use keywords instead of writing a wall of text.
    • a justification of your decision.
  • Shortage
    • keep your admin comments as detailed as necessary and as short as possible. All relevant informations must be included, but no more. No optical gimmick.
  • Clarity
    • Use the formatting features like bold (b[text]b) (in order to stress 1-2 major keywords that define the type of the AC) and quote (quote[]quote) (for all copied texts) to make your ACs clearer.
    • Mention all aspects in (chronical ) order. Don't mess up the information.
    • Avoid long texts instead use keyword lists
  • Relevance
    • Do penalty point cases play a role after expiration or at any time later? Penalty points for „Missing Replay“ or „Same IP“ and other things that are only important at time when they have been given out, are not part of the AC.
  • No penalty points in the AC
    • Penalties point don't play a further role for the player after their expiration. They aren't documented anywhere, not even in the AC.

Which admin comment is written down where?

  • All processes concerning matches are written down as an admin comment below the match. Please use the input field that can be found by clicking on admin match.
  • Below player and team accounts you generally don't write a ACs that refer to a match. Only if a particular offence or misconduct in the match is specially player-specific, such as cheating, exploits, insults, etc. In case of insults you don't write an AC below the match.
  • All offence against the Netiquette, also insults, Spam, offence against the good customs, unwanted content is held on the playersheet. Indeed, only the offender.
  • All informations referring to fake and multiaccounts, account transfer and more are documented in the playersheet.
  • Below a team sheet ACs are rarely written down, e.g. if a player was caught because of cheating, usage of ringers (additional AC at the playersheet for both cases) , league specific information (e.g. premium- or trustedcheck in premierships) or insults that happened during a team match.

What is not part of an admin comment

Things which are not relevant at all or don't play a role in the future are not written down in the admin comment. Following you find some examples:
  • A simple Same IP as long as the IPs do not show a particular login / logout pattern or provide other strong evidence for a fakeaccount.
  • Missing Screenshot / Replay, except e.g. for cheating suspicion (AC at the playersheet) or suspected fakematches (AC at the match; if there should be more suspicious matches even at the playersheet).